Ants Control


Ants Control

For ants control we treat the source by inspecting the ants trails in and around the building.
  • We combine the use of gel baits and liquid spray for maximum eradication. Also, we inspect and remove potential food source that may become the target of ants.

What you need to do to avoid ants damage?
  • Ants continue to forage looking for food source, thus it is important for homeowners to store food in air-tight containers and take out the garbage regularly without leaving them overnight in the house. Mopping the floor quickly after a spill can also help eliminate odors that can entice ants.

  • Price for a one-time service starts at RM100. For heavy infestation that requires extra manhours, expect the cost to increase slightly to cover labor and material expenses. Better still, opt for yearly contract to gain better price and extended warranty. Do call us for inspection and consultation.

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